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Garage Storage Shelves

Garage Storage Systems

Garage Storage Shelves, by Our Big Shelf, are offered in a variety of customized solutions to help you reclaim your storage space and protect your possessions.

Every project we do is unique to the needs of our customer. We build our systems to fit your garage, because every garage is different.  We also provide a One Year Workmanship Guarantee on every job we do.

Let us help you get that stuff off your garage floor.

Garage Storage Shelves

Our System is framed with 2 x 4s, and attached to the existing wall and ceiling framing.

We can build and fit our shelves anywhere in the garage room. We offer our 2ft wide heavy load shelves overhead, as well as 16 in, and 12 in. lighter load shelves for down the wall for easy reach frequently used items. The back wall in front of the car can be an excellent place for this type of shelf. 

We target overhead installation so you can move about freely and not be concerned  about running into them Side walls and rear walls are great places for extra storage.

Our Big Shelf Basic

Our starter package is 2ft wide x  32ft long, with additional  add-ons of 16ft offered at a reduced price.

We target the space directly above the garage door, because we feel it is wasted space and can’t be used for anything else

They are hung high enough to get your possessions off the floor and provide safe clearance for your car. The system is framed with structural lumber, the top of the shelves are covered with plywood and the bottom is left exposed. Our Basic system is a perfect choice for budget-conscious customers.

Our Big Shelf Deluxe

Our Deluxe Package adds smooth finish plywood to the bottom of the shelves, to provide a more polished appearance.

We add a trim board to the front as well, once again to provide a better finish. This “designer look” approach enhances the appearance of your garage storage shelving and increases the value and appeal of your property.


NOTE: These shelves were painted by the owner. Painting is not included.