Custom Garage Shelving – Why Our Big Shelf

We are the custom garage shelving specialist in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Durham and throughout North Carolina’s Research Triangle region.  Professionally built and customized overhead garage storage solutions.

Why is custom garage shelving important to you?

Our Big Shelf can help you make better use of the garage space you have.  This saves wear and tear on your vehicles and possessions, while helping you organize your “stuff”.  We in turn, enhance the appearance of your garage and other rooms through the use of overhead garage shelves.

Here are a few ways Our Big Shelf and a custom garage shelving system can be of value to you.

Reclaim Your Parking Space

If clutter has taken over your garage, there’s a good chance that one or more vehicles are being parked outside in the elements.  Overhead garage shelves are the solution. In addition to the extra steps on the rush to work, facing the elements like rain, snow, sleet and wind, entering a car that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter and occasionally needing extra time for windshield scraping, the truth is that outside exposure affects the appearance and life expectancy of your vehicle.  Your car or truck will last longer, look better and run smoother if it stays in the garage as much as possible.

Protect Your Possessions

If clutter has taken over your garage, the stuff that’s sitting there gets greater exposure to damp floors, jostling of every day life and possibly even access to pests that can create permanent damage.  Our Big Shelf garage shelving system will get your possessions off the floor. The reduction of the wear and tear will be extend the life of your storage items .  There’s also a good chance they’ll be easier to find!

Organize Your Life

If clutter has taken over your garage, it probably has done so gradually.  More stuff gets left there, without any rhyme or reason.  Before long, you’re left with piles of things that need to be sorted through, every time you look for something that might be there.  Instead, use the Our Big Shelf garage shelving storage system to actually organize your possessions.  You’ll know where everything belongs and save time when you need to find it.  Our garage shelving racks provide maximum storage area without being too deep for your reach.

Improve Your Appearance

If clutter has taken over your garage, you may find yourself tempted to keep the door closed to avoid embarrassment.  Instead, let the Our Big Shelf garage shelf storage system create an orderly, clutter-free appearance, with plenty of floor space.  When it comes time to sell your home in the future, the functional and attractive shelving in your garage will make a great first impression and add to the value of your property.

Save Your Time

If clutter has taken over your garage, you could set aside a weekend to reorganize, drive to the store, buy materials, devise a plan, put it into place and “possibly” come up with an end result that would address your problem.  It’s also possible that you would wind up with an unattractive, inefficient solution that took up a lot of your time and ended with an unsatisfactory outcome.  Our Big Shelf moves quickly and applies our decades of experience to get your garage under control with convenient overhead shelves so that you can make better use of your spare time.

Save Your Money

If clutter has taken over your garage, you could budget funds to buy materials and do it yourself.  Or hire or recruit people to be a part of the process.  A better solution is to hire Our Big Shelf and allow an experienced team of professionals to do the garage shelving installation for you.  By the time you factor in trips to the store, purchases and possible hiring fees, the cost is comparable to the fees we charge and your result will almost certainly be less impressive.

Ease Your Worries

If clutter has taken over your garage, it has also probably become a source of irritation, aggravation and frustration.  Our Big Shelf can remove those burdens from you and replace them with a professionally installed, customized garage shelving system. Organize and sleep at night knowing your car is safely in the garage and your home looks better.

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